Blogs Can Be Informative

Information Blogs

Information Blogs

Blogs can be about anything. Information is important. It can help you eat properly or help you repair a broken piece or help you clothe properly and on and on.

An informational blog can be easy to do and should be about something you absolutely love talking about. If you look at the picture above you can see the basket is full of veggies. So, is it about eating or dieting or food poisoning or health or wealth or poor eating habits.

Who knows. It is a beginning. A place to start and only the writer can tell you what it is all about. In this article it is about information not anything else. Who would have guessed?

Blogs are personal or business. Even if you are discussing science or the stars or the earth or the water it is an item that is what the writer wants to talk about. Maybe there are a lot of people that are interested also and the writer gets a very good following.

If you think you are running out of things to say then go to Google readers or Google news and type in your subject matter and you will find all kinds of info about your topic.

When that happens you can do one of two things. Copy it in it’s entirety, including the authors name and then give the location with a link to the website presenting it. This is called curation. You might want to begin with a brief introduction about the story and then follow up with a comment about the story.

Or you can read two or three articles about the same thing and then write an article/post in your blog that tells the story in your own words.

Therefore, you can do a blog about anything. Don’t worry about the small stuff. You can make a blog about informational stuff and do it your way.

By the way, you may become more knowledgeable. How about that?

Enjoy your self and just do it.

Lou M.

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